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Conditions of Use
You find all important information in our general terms of business. Herewith counterconfirmations of the buyer with reference to his own commercial terms or shopping terms are contradicted. From these conditions divergent regulations, in particular in general terms of business of the contracting partner, are valid only in case of written confirmation by the fa AKWA-BELL-AFROSHOP-SALON.

1. OFFER, SUBJECT MATTER OF THE CONTRACT AND CONTRACT END The representation of the products in the on-line shop shows no juridically binding offer, but a non-binding on-line catalogue. Technical changes are expressly left. With writing mistakes, printing mistakes and arithmetic mistakes on the website the fa AKWA-BELL-AFROSHOP-SALON is entitled to the resignation. By clicking the badge “order send“ you deliver an obliging order of the goods contained in the goods basket. The confirmation of the entrance of the order follows immediately on sending the order. The bill of sale comes about with our separate confirmation of order. The fa AKWA-BELL-AFROSHOP-SALON undertakes the customer to inform immediately with the non-availability of an article.

2. PRICES, PACKAGING, DISPATCH AND PART DELIVERIES The euro-prices called in the on-line shop are with the legal value added tax. Our prices are basically in the goods basket at the moment of the order to quoted prices added to the Packaging and Delivery Expenses and may be Fees like Express Service Fees. Our goods basket cannot be interstored. Our prices are valid, provided that expressly in writing something else is not agreed. Preannounced products cannot be ordered before the date of publication. The fa AKWA-BELL-AFROSHOP-SALON can assure with advance advice neither of the price, of the date of publication, nor the appearance. Packaging is calculated to property of the customer and from us in the forwarding expenses. In dispatch and packing charges independent of the order value we calculate at the moment unique 5.44 euros inklude value added tax order up to 4 kg. For orders more than 4 kg see table below. For the express service (delivery within 2 working days after payment entrance) we calculate per order an additional all-inclusive of only 5.00 euros. On bar payment an additional fee of 6.05 euros becomes due,on the Bill.Bestellungen and deliveries are possible basically only within Germany. Should you wish a delivery abroad, we try to help with pleasure you, get in touch please with us. With the part deliveries which are arranged by us or are offered subsequent deliveries occur free of forwarding costs. With special customer wishes for the subdivision of the delivery, the forwarding expenses are calculated, in addition, for every part delivery.

WEIGHT WEIGHT forwarding expenses (Eur)
TO TO 4 kg
5 – 7 kg
8 – 10 kg
11 – 14 kg
15 - 20 kg
21 – 22 kg
24 – 25 kg
26 - 27 kg
28 – 29 kg
30 – 31 kg
32 – 33 kg
34 – 35 kg
36 – 37 kg
38 kg
40 kg
n. B.: We deliver at the latest seven working days after payment entrance to the customer to orders.

3. DELIVERY TIMES We deliver at the latest seven working days after payment entrance to the customer to orders. Should delays of more than seven working days appear after an order or be foreseeable, the customer is informed about it by email or phone call and has any time before delivery the right to withdraw free of charge from his order or to carry out changes, provided that nothing else was agreed.

4. DANGER CROSSING AND GUARANTEE If the customer fetches the product with us, the danger of the accidental setting or the accidental damage goes over in the handing over of the product on the customer. Otherwise the danger on the customer goes over, as soon as the broadcasting was blocked by the commissioned transportation company to the customer. The legal guarantee term begins with the delivery of the product. Evident defects of the product or achievement of the fa AKWA-BELL-AFROSHOP-SALON must immediately become, are indicated at the latest within 14 days on receipt of the product, and the product rückgesendet. If the defects are not indicated on time and sent back, the product is valid as approved. With it the suitable guarantee rights of the customer go out. The recall and the return of the product are to be directed in: AKWA-BELL-AFROSHOP-SALON, Viktoria street 63.33602 Bielefeld. If the realisation of guarantee measures (subsequent performance) within adequate time misses, the customer can require lowering of the reimbursement or cancellation of the contract for his choice. Guarantee claims are entitled only to the immediate customer and are not transferable. Guarantee work are carried out, as far as no separate arrangement was met, within the usual working hours. The fa AKWA-BELL-AFROSHOP-SALON takes over no guarantee for the usual wear of the product as well as defects which originate from faulty or negligent treatment or service or unusual operating conditions. If the customer or a third person carries out repair or changes without written approval of us in the object of delivery, every guarantee goes out. This is not valid if the customer proves doubtless that the defects standing in speech were not caused by by him or the third to carried out changes. Construction changes and deformations which are to be led back on the improvement of the technology or on demands of the legislator are left during the delivery time, provided that the object of delivery is not considerably changed or changed and the changes are reasonable for the customer.

5. RESTRICTIONS OF LIABILITY The following restrictions of liability are not valid for damages which are based on intention, coarse carelessness and the absence of assured qualities, as well as for personal damages. Compensation claims from impossibility or delay of the achievement, from positive demand injury, from fault with contract end and from unauthorised action against the fa AKWA-BELL-AFROSHOP-SALON as well as their fulfilment assistants or assistants are limited after the height to those damages on whose possible entry the fa had to calculate AKWA-BELL-AFROSHOP-SALON by completion of the contract wisely. Provided that the damage does not result from the injury of an essential contract duty, nevertheless, the compensation limits itself at most to the amount of the order value.

6. PAYMENT Untill differently agrees, the price quoted in the goods basket added to the Packaging and Delivery Expenses and may be Fees like Express Service Fees is to be transferred beforehand to one of our accounts using Scheck/Account or PayPal):
7. RETENTION OF TITLE All of the fa AKWA-BELL-AFROSHOP-SALON delivered product remain up to the entire payment and balance of all claims from the business connection a property of the fa AKWA-BELL-AFROSHOP-SALON. This is also valid for conditioned demands.

8. RESIGNATION The customer has the right to withdraw any time up to the time of the delivery of the ordered product from the purchase, provided that in writing something else is not agreed. Grounds for the resignation are not necessary.

9. ABTRETTBARKEIT OF CLAIMS The customer is to be resigned not entitled his claims from the contract.

10. DATA PROTECTION EXPLANATION The AKWA-BELL-AFROSHOP-SALON is glad about your visit on our web page and your interest in our enterprise. The protection of your personal data is an important concern for us. We respect your private sphere and feel obliged, hence, to the data protection. AKWA-BELL-AFROSHOP-SALON issues this data protection declaration to inform you about our data protection regulations and data protection measures. Besides, you should find out how you can determine in which form your information grasps on-line and for which purpose these will use. This data protection explanation applies to personal data, to the capture not of personal data as well as to accumulated reports for statistical evaluations. Personal data are single data about personal or objective relations to your person. AKWA-BELL-AFROSHOP-SALON uses personal data to be able to offer able to consider your demands and interests better and to be able to offer you a better service. The customer authorises the fa AKWA-BELL-AFROSHOP-SALON and agrees to process the data preserved in connection with the business connection about the customer for the purposes of the data protection act, to store and to evaluate. We appreciate the trust sedate in us very much and we will sell your data not for marketing purposes into three parts or leave renting or third. The fa AKWA-BELL-AFROSHOP-SALON stores and uses the personal data of the customer for the winding up of the orders and possible complaints. The email address of the customer uses the fa to AKWA-BELL-AFROSHOP-SALON only for writing of information for the orders.
The fa AKWA-BELL-AFROSHOP-SALON transmits no personal customer data into three parts. Except from this are the service partners who require the transmission of data for the order winding up. Nevertheless, in these cases the extent of the transmitted data limits itself to the necessary minimum. They can be asked, for example, for information of the following data: Name, address, telephone number; e-mail address, Benutzer-IDs and code-words, transaction data and contact address. The customer has a right on information as well as a right on correction, blockage and deletion of his stored data.

11. Goods returns / distant sales law According to the distant sales law (3 FernabsatzG.) you have as a private individual a 14-day use & cancellation right without giving reasons and the term begins with the bill of sale / loan contract (letters or consignments of goods) on receipt of the product (2 days after the dispatch date in the calculation, with COD deliveries on the day of the broadcasting acceptance: within this time can be gone out from a delivery) by your approval obligatorily. At the latest however, at the end of this 14-active return term. To Paketversandfähigen goods is to be sent back on our danger. They have to bear the costs of the return if the delivered thing of the ordered corresponds and if the price of the sending back thing does not exceed an amount of 40.00 euros or if you have not produced the consideration or by contract agreed hire-purchase with a higher price of the thing at the time of the recall yet. Not free broadcastings are turned down by us in general. Of different case (if the goods value exceeds 40.00 euros) the return is free for you and occurs after our choice. The product must be sent within the term to us, it is worth the date of the postmark. Obligations to the allowances of payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. The term begins for you with sending your call explanation and the product, for us with their receipt. Deliveries of audiorecordings or video recordings or from software, provided that the delivered data carriers have been unsealed by the consumer, are excluded from the cancellation according to the distant sales law, also the goods which are made after customer specification or are not suitable on account of her state for a return, moreover, orders which can be added to a commercial or independent activity of the customer. We can require for 361a paragraph 2 Civil Code for the surrender or use of the thing / product a reimbursement as a compensation. In case of a cancellation according to the distant sales law we reserve ourselves in general, which to us to resulted costs (postage / COD charge / packaging) from the order value / of the credit as a compensation after 361a to draw off paragraph 2 Civil Code because the delivery perhaps free of forwarding expenses is valid only for the case of the contract observance; the pure goods value is refunded at most.

12. FINAL REGULATIONS These general terms of business contain all rights and duties of the parties to a contract. Other arrangements or declarations of intention of the parties to a contract need to her validity of the written form. This is also valid for a change of the written form requirement. Provided that the customer is a businessman, Bielefeld, Germany is a sole legal venue for all disputes between the parties to a contract, also for change and cheque complaints. It is worth exclusively German right to the exclusion of the regulations of the UN-purchase right. Should one of these regulations be ineffective, the effectiveness of the remaining regulations is not thereby touched. Ineffective regulations are substituted with such effective regulations which reach the aimed economic purpose to a great extent.

August-Bebel street 101
33602 Bielefeld

Tel.: +49 (0) 521 7709438
Fax: +49 (0) 521 9679665> r> Legal venue: Bielefeld
Version from the 16/12/2009 .



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